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Our Story

We’re a premium family-run grow farm located in South Florida. Offering both Retail and Wholesale CBD and Delta-8. 

We can grow for wholesale production and manufacture for your business!

Check out our newest line of products:  Island Girl Delta 8.

It has everything from

pre-rolls,  raw bud, vape pens and gummies. Enjoy!

benefits of delta 8 png.png

Delta-8 THC is a new entrant into the cannabis product line up that promises a ton of benefits.


It is a milder form of Delta-9 THC (marijuana),

so it’s less psychotropic and more therapeutic.


Unlike marijuana, it is legal, and you can buy
Delta 8 in most States in the US.

Much Like CBD, Delta-8 has much milder psychoactive effects. It is also often used for
medicinal purposes, similar to how CBD is used.

This makes it a great option for pain relief, relaxation, anxiety, nausea 

and as a sleep aid. 

Try one of our many Island Girl Premium Delta 8 

products today!

Meet the Team

Ryan has over 20 years experience growing in Canada and the Caribbean.  His primary focus is to ensure each plant produces top quality flower as opposed to quantity. His vast knowledge of growing has lead to some of the most beautiful flower that experts have ever seen in Florida.

Larry Head Shot.png

Larry Barr

Co Founder

Larry was born and raised in Florida and has over 30 years experience in the growing and nursery industry. Delivering nothing but top quality plants to customers all over the world, his love and knowledge of the nursery business is unparalleled.

India Head Shot.png

India De Pretis

Co Founder

India was born in  the Caribbean island of Antigua. She has over 15 years experience in sales, marketing, and the landscaping industry.
Brand development, marketing as well as building strong customer relationships with strong satisfaction are her passions.

Ryan Head Shot.png

Ryan De Pretis

Co Founder

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